Of Mice and Men; Human and Mouse Cells Similar

Inebriated Press
June 28, 2007

Two British research groups have discovered stem cells in mice that are almost identical to humans.  Scientists think that this will make it easier to harness cells’ healing power and also make people cuter and fuzzier.

“It makes perfect sense,” said Mickey Mouse.  “I’ve told Pluto I was more like Disney than he was for years.”

The study was published in “Nature” magazine and described the discovery as the “missing link” between animals and humans and said that it may revolutionize medicine.

Scientists have experimented using mice for a long time but have tended to lean toward monkeys when searching for the “missing link.”  The new revelation that men were mice has sent tremors’ through the monkey community.

“Its bull shit,” said Curious George.  “There’s no way mice are closer to men than monkeys.  If that were true the Man in The Yellow Hat would have told me.”

Said Brain, the mouse of TV’s Pinky and The Brain: “At last, the connection I need to realize my ambition: try to take over the world!”

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