DNA Transplant Makes Artificial Life Possible

Inebriated Press
June 29, 2007

Controversial biologist Craig Venter who led the effort to map the human genome is nearer his goal of creating viable artificial life.  A ground breaking experiment which substituted one species DNA for another has in effect turned that species into a different one.  Or as sex change advocate and participant Lulu Morgan said, “I’m not him anymore.”

Dr. Venter has long been searching for ways to make artificial organisms, with a view toward creating new species of bacteria that can produce environmentally friendly fuels like hydrogen.  His early experiments lead to the creation of Dennis Rodman and Rosie O’Donnell.  Critics say these two are not environmentally friendly at all and many question the ethics behind such experimentation.

During the DNA swap the Venter team took two simple germ cells with a single chromosome and striped its proteins to see if they could “reboot” a foreign cell.  Some of them worked, some did nothing and some advocated Paris Hilton’s early release from jail.

Venter was pleased with the results overall.  “Viable synthetic genomics still remains to be proven and Rodman’s quick divorce from Jennifer Lopez means that the science is still pretty weak.  But we know from the O’Donnell result that real-artificial life is actually possible.”

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