Arizona Makes Hiring Illegal’s Illegal

Stunning law to debut January 2008

Inebriated Press
July 5, 2007

Arizona has passed a law making it illegal to hire illegal workers.  Beginning in January businesses face the loss of their operating licenses for breaking the law.  The Workers Undocumented Society (WUS) is pledging to fight the law which it says unjustly discriminates against illegal activity.  Illegal workers also spoke out against the law.

“The idea that illegal activity is to be considered illegal is reprehensible to me,” said an unnamed source currently working in the US illegally.  “It goes against everything that current Democratic presidential candidates stand for.”

Luiz Jones, Executive Director of WUS said Arizona has become the poster child for worker and employer discrimination.  “No one should be required to be in the country legally and no company should be held to legal standards.  Living undocumented in America is an alternative lifestyle and no prejudice should stand against it.”

Governor Janet Napolitano said it’s time somebody acted to slow the tide of illegal immigration and law breaking in general.  “The Federal Government has a “catch and release plan” on the border so they won’t stop illegal’s from coming into my state.  Arizona is burdened with higher crime because of illegal’s.  Maybe if I slap the shit out of business they’ll do something.”

Luiz said that the State of Arizona needs to adopt the WUS approach to immigration like the Federal Government has.  “Our organization has given the past four Presidents the ‘Big Ass WUS Award.’  If the Arizona Governor won’t repeal this law she will never be called a Big Ass WUS like our presidents.  She’d better think long and hard about that.”

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