Toyota Merges With US Youth Group

Former Future Farmers of America (FFA) now backs Japan’s Toyota

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July 12, 2007

Toyota Motor Sales and the National FFA Foundation announced a deal that allows Toyota dealers involvement in all FFA events across the United States.  The plan will support Toyota’s all-new Tundra truck roll out.  Future Farmers gave up on US Chrysler’s Dodge trucks when the German’s took it over.

Expressing disillusionment with the decline of the US pickup truck industry, Future Farmer Nate ‘Dusty’ McJones said it was a sad day.  “Today we’ve officially given up on the US pickup truck industry,” he said, a tear glistening in his left eye.  “The days of hard core, built-tuff US trucks is over.  We’re signing up with the Japanese.”

Chrysler has been known for their tough Dodge Ram pickup trucks throughout the U.S. West and ranchers have hot rodded hem into town for supplies for years.  No more.  Now it’s Japan’s turn to rule the West. 

“There’s really no good reason to abandon Dodge,” said Chrysler executive Adolph Blizer.  “We just sold 80% of the business to Cerberus Capital and they’re based in New York.  Things could turn around”.
Reportedly the FFA considered giving Chrysler a bit more time to turn the company around but gave it up.  “Cerberus is named for the three-headed dog in Greek mythology that guarded the gates of Hades,” said Dusty.  “It’s too late.  Chrysler has gone to hell so it’s Toyota for us.” 

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