Politicians and YouTube; Finally a Level Field

The brilliance of common idiots fits venue

Inebriated Press
July 24, 2007

Democratic candidates for president showed up at The Citadel military academy on Monday night and took direct and sometimes rude questions — thanks to a new debate format that included YouTube videos. Intelligence-calculating Cray Supercomputers estimated the IQ level of both the video makers and politicians and discovered all were operating at 65.  Professor and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Janus Flumox said, “The venue and performance was perfect.  These idiots are made for one another; if the Republicans get lucky they can match these figures.”

But there were moment’s of insight.  Stunning interaction over whether Senator Barack Obama is authentically black and whether Senator Hillary Clinton is sufficiently feminine framed the intellectual debate.  Amazing insights were discovered when Clinton said she was not liberal but progressive and Obama insinuated he has issues with cab drivers.

Each candidate also produced their own video.  Some displayed pet tricks and others were profiled winning eating contests.  Each positioned themselves as leaders capable of avoiding reasoned thought and long term perspective, but fully able to run the most powerful country in the world.  Political analyst Leo Earbalm said all the candidates fit the current profile for high government office.

“When seen in the light of political spin, fear mongering and general piling on, these candidates could all be president today,” said Earbalm.  “Finally America is getting what it deserves.”

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