Blu-ray versus HD DVD Getting Really, Really Hot

US porn industry embraces one, Japan the other

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July 30, 2007

PC World magazine reports that the Japanese porn industry has turned exclusively to the Blu-ray Disc while HD DVD is the leading high-def format in the U.S. porn business.  Sony says that they’re stepping up their involvement and won’t actually produce Blu-ray porn but will help anyone who needs “technical support”.  Playboys’ Hugh Hefner said he also enjoys providing “technical support” of all kinds. 

The adult film industry has long been a first mover in using new technologies, and many analysts say the industry played a key role in making VHS the winner in the video cassette fight against Sony’s Betamax video tape standard years ago.  Some think this is why Sony started the “Blu-Ray Porn Support Division” and has started running advertisements in the business magazines Porn Week and The Porn Street Journal.

Speaking at the Adult Video News convention, Sony CEO Howard “Ho” Swinger said he’s not taking sides on whether U.S. or Japanese porn is better but decided he should support the industry by getting more personally involved.  “I’ve been studying all angles of the industry up close to ensure that Sony can provide the maximum technical support,” said Swinger.  “I’m all over this stuff.”

Toshiba, one of the heavy-weights in HD DVD systems said they aren’t taking Sony’s plan standing up.  They plan to maintain their leadership position in the high-def field and porn in particular.  Toshiba CEO Tad Okay says his interest in the porn industry ramped up last year after his wife left him.  “I began spending a couple of hours each day studying the quality of porn in various formats,” said Okay.  “I am comfortable that Toshiba will be able to maintain our current position and any other positions we may try.”

No one is sure which technology will win out and pay off the biggest.  “Ultimately it’s in everyone’s financial interests to have one, or the other, format prevail,” said James McQ, principal analyst at Forrester Investment Research.  “I haven’t spent the time eyeing all of this the way video equipment CEO’s have, but from what I’ve seen the girls and their formats look pretty good.”

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