Taliban Crabby as US Destroys Their Heroin Lab

Says Allah will level disease on American infidels for harming drug business

Inebriated Press
August 29, 2007

Taliban gunmen clashed with U.S. and Afghan troops in southern Afghanistan this week after coalition forces destroyed a heroin laboratory they were guarding.  Mullah Mohammed Omar the current Taliban chief and lead jihad drug dealer said that the U.S. made a big mistake and that Allah would give the U.S. infidels crabs and STD’s for the atrocity.  General Richard Cody, the Army Vice Chief of Staff said that Allah was just fine with it and no crabs or STD’s were forthcoming.

“We’re not too concerned about Allah stepping in and leveling disease on us for blowing up these religious leaders drug business,” said General Cody, crossing himself and kissing the ring of a chaplain sitting next to him.  “When you get right down to it the Almighty doesn’t seem all that impressed with these drug pushers who make women wear sacks over their heads and ban them from all forms of education.”

The site, near the town of Musa Qalah in Helmand province, contained large amounts of opium-processing chemicals as well as weapons, ammunition and bomb-making equipment. 

Mullah Omar doesn’t see it the way General Cody does.  “These infidels support removing the tarps off of the heads of women during mild 120 degree days and think they should learn to read too,” said Omar mercifully popping a cap into the back of a Western journalist’s head rather than cutting it off with a dull blade.  “And they want to harm the drug dealing that we use to support our religious bomb making and missionary efforts to destroy non-radical believers.  This is against conservative Muslim religion.  The Americans are infidel dogs who should be killed and maimed or at the very least have a bad case of crabs.  God willing they will be catching something soon.”

More than 90 percent of the world’s opium, the raw material for heroin, is produced in Afghanistan, where it generates more than $3 billion a year for farmers and traffickers, according to the United Nations.  Revenue from the sale of illegal drugs is being used to finance the insurgency in Afghanistan.  Britain has been in charge of NATO’s drug-reduction program, but it has failed to make headway.

A member of The Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that she is okay with the destruction of the drugs and almost all Taliban men.  “Islam means the submission of humankind to the will of God, not the submission of women to the will of men or the Taliban,” she said.  “God willing the American’s will kick their ass.” 

In other news, medical experts say god has willed that the Taliban’s Mullah Mohammed Omar get the crabs and according to a new Gallup Poll 99% of the women in the Middle East support that will.

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