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WAC: How to Become Rich in 15 Minutes

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media and Ammo Sales
Inebriated Press
September 1, 2007

Need to pay bills, retire debt and have plenty of cash left over for hookers and wild parties? Who doesn’t!

Well now you can get it! And get it fast!

That’s right, you can become a millionaire and never pay taxes, and do it in 15 minutes or less! Don’t get sucked into those “get rich quick” schemes that promise if you buy their tapes you can learn to trade real estate and become rich in a couple years. Why wait!

Now you can be rich in 15 minutes! That’s right!

Get rich in 15 minutes by following a few simple techniques that are easily available to anyone with $75.00, the ability to read, and access to a handgun … and who can’t get one of those easily today!

Get cash fast, but that’s not all!

Using just a couple of simple historically proven techniques you:

* get rich quick
* acquire Play Stations in minutes
* achieve access to new cars of ANY make, model or year
* buy the services of almost any man or woman who has a price point
* have an exciting and fast-paced life
* live like you’ve never lived before

For your copy of “How to Become Rich in 15 Minutes” mail $75.00 in unmarked bills to:

Ronco Media and Ammo Sales
Attn: Party by Glock
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321

Fine print: As is the case in any business endeavor certain risks apply.

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