Georgia Woman Gives Birth to Pony

Husband considers divorce

Inebriated Press
September 11, 2007

A Georgia woman gave birth to a Shetland pony this week startling attending doctors and nurses.  Unnamed sources from inside the Arp Community Hospital said a doctor passed out and several nurses began throwing up.  A janitor who was called to clean up the puke assisted the remaining medical staff.  Reportedly the janitor recognized the Shetland’s hooves and delivered the pony after calling for a piece of rope and some straw.  Mother and pony are doing well but the woman’s husband said he has no Shetland genes in his family and may file for divorce. 

Alma Hokey of Arp Georgia said she used fertility drugs from a local veterinary clinic because she and her husband Arnold had been having difficulty producing offspring.  Veterinarian Felix Guffaw said he was unaware of anyone using his clinics drugs for human reproductive therapy but that it didn’t really surprise him.  “It’s not unusual for people to self medicate using animal pharmaceuticals although I don’t recommend it,” said Dr Guffaw.  “Whether the Hokey woman from Arp used our drugs I don’t know but even if she did I consider the Shetland birth unusual.”

Investigative reporter Susie Bright said executives from pharmaceutical giant Merck have denied any connection to Hokey, Georgia or Shetland ponies but admitted knowledge of the human reproductive system.

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