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WAC: Build Your Dream Home for Pennies per Square Foot!

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Home Construction Division
Inebriated Press
September 22, 2007

Tired of renting? Or maybe your old house is falling down but you’re afraid of the expense and risk involved in building a new home of your own? Think it’ll cost way too much? Well think again! Now you can build your fabulous dream home for only pennies per square foot and be moved in before the month is over!

Get out of your old dump and into the place you’ve been dreaming about!

That’s right you can build a fabulous 40,000 square foot home for $4,000 or less and get financing like you were buying a Blue Hippo computer! Don’t get caught up in those complicated schemes about constructing a steel or wood building for thousands of dollars. That Chinese steel isn’t worth the asbestos it’s made of! Get an inexpensive but wonderful home of your own in two weeks!

A cheap and beautiful Ronco Media home will make your dreams come true today!

How can we sell you such a wonderful home so cheaply? It seems complicated but it’s really pretty simple. We arrange for worthless straw from fields in the Midwest to be delivered directly from the farm to the location you plan to build on. You simply assemble the straw into the lovely home that you’ve been dreaming about! Using our easy to follow plans you’ll be done in a jiffy! Move in and live there as though you are a millionaire!

Order your dream home kit and arrange your initial straw delivery by sending a small down payment of only $1,200 in cash or American Express checks to:

Ronco Media House Builder
Attn: Shady Deal Tower
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Not recommended for little pigs with big bad enemies. Other risks may apply.


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