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WAC: Get your own Titanium Hyper-action Ginsu Knife

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Ginsu Knife Division
Inebriated Press
September 29, 2007

Sick of dull blades when on the wrong side of town, or maybe you’re stymied when hacking on a tough steak or your husband’s lover? Well put those days behind you! Now you can own a Ginsu that can cut anything and do it over and over again without ever getting dull! You can slice, dice and hack your way through everything and do it now!

Stop putting up with dull blades and have the knife of your dreams at the ready the next time you need to cut some cheese, an exhaust pipe or the guy across the street that annoys you!

That’s right, now you can own your own fabulous knife made of titanium alloy and encrusted with micro blades that are invisible to the naked eye but can remove bits of cement, steel and flesh quickly and easily. Admit it; it’s what you’ve been dreaming about!

An inexpensive but super duper Titanium Hyper-action Ginsu Knife can be yours. Make your slicing dreams come true by ordering one today!

How can we sell such a terrific knife so cheaply and somehow legally? It may seem complicated to some but at Ronco Media Ginsu Knife Division we’ve made it simple. We’ve perfected smuggling operations and are able to quickly source and deliver high quality authentic Chinese Ginsu knives to American homes quickly and easily. Our patented no-way-in packing boxes arrive at your door safely and securely by UPS and the special unlocking devise comes separately by USPS! We’re tricky and cute! And you reap the benefits!

Order your Titanium Hyper-action Ginsu Knife by sending only $39.95 in cash or Money Order to:

Ronco Media Ginsu Knife Division
Attn: Blades of Gory
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Not recommended for children under age five. Some legal and other unknown risks may apply. Consult your cousin Frank for more details.


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