WAC: Get Sexy Breast Implants Cheaply, Quickly

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Hooters Division
Inebriated Press
October 6, 2007

Tired of that flat chest? Wary of guys looking at your face all the time? Wish you had big breasts that makes guys with 180 IQ’s babble incoherently and drool a lot? Figure it’ll cost way too much to get the boobs you want? Well figure again! Now you can have a fabulous chest full of goodies for a small handful of cash!

Get the rack you’ve been dreaming of and pick out the guy of your choice!

That’s right; you can have a gorgeous chest sized anywhere from D to triple-D to G’s or even H’s and have it for less than one month’s apartment rent! No kidding! Don’t get caught up in complicated medical jargon from plastic surgeons who want thousands of dollars and a hospital stay just so you can get the jugs you deserve. You can have the breasts you want in a couple of hours and not pay more than $250.00 for the set!

A cheap and beautiful pair of Ronco Hooters can make your dreams come true today!

How can we provide such a valuable service so inexpensively? It might seem complicated to some, but we’ve made it simple and easy for everyone! We’ve arranged for wonderful Chinese lead-asbestos alloy breasts to be delivered to the U.S. through Canada and placed in the secure and experienced hands of breast professionals who have recently immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. The combination of inexpensive Chinese manufacturing and low cost Mexican medical care enables us to give you the cheapest yet most beautiful set of jugs found in North America!

Order your new breasts and arrange installation today! Simply mail us a letter and include your phone number, the name and address of a hotel or meat packing plant nearest you, the size of breast/s you want, how many you want, and enclose cash or money order for just $125.00 for each boob. One of our professionals will contact you and arrange the simple procedure! Send your money and stuff to:

Ronco Media Hooters Division
Attn: Chi-Mx-Can Restaurant
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: If you do not speak Spanish we recommend you have a translator available to take the call from our breast professional. Ronco Media assumes no responsibility for anything.


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