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WAC: New Sex Drug Does It All!

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Aphrodisiacs & Enhancement Division
Inebriated Press
October 13, 2007

Sick of bad sex or no sex? Tired of the old grind that seems to get you nowhere? Perhaps you’re a man or woman who has heard of sex but has grown tired of poor quality or poor quantity and are ready for a change? Are you almost ready to give up and become a nun or software programmer? Well take a step back from the ledge and listen to this amazing cure!

Get the sex you’ve been dreaming about with the man or woman of your choice!

That’s right; you can have dynamite sex with the gender of your dreams and have it all for a mere $15.95 a week in easy to use product delivered to your mail box! Happy times are ahead for you and someone else that you choose!

An inexpensive sexy lifestyle can be yours when you get your hands on Ronco’s Yellow Ingestible Pills for Excitement (YIPE)!

What can this product do? Simply pop YIPE into a glass of liquid that is being consumed by the party you want a relationship with and after things get started swallow one yourself. YIPE is an aphrodisiac, stops premature ejaculation, provides the experience of snorting cocaine while breast-feeding, is a combination of male and female Viagra, makes hard parts soft and soft parts hard, makes dead people crazed sex addicts and when you regain consciousness a few days later, it results in some pretty darned amazing memories that you’ll never forget for as long as you live.

Are we kidding? Not a chance!

How can we offer such an amazing product so inexpensively? Thanks to our Chinese suppliers we are able to provide tablets containing unique nanotechnology molecules combined with chemicals not allowed in the U.S. And all under the guise of licorice buttons! It’s that easy! The U.S. only inspects 1% of all the nations’ imports and who cares about a few licorice buttons? No one!

Get your supply started today!

Send a small down payment in cash or American Express bills for only $395.75 to cover the first 25 weeks of YIPE along with your credit card number which will be used in perpetuity to cover the balance of payments over your lifetime, to:

Ronco Media Aphrodisiacs & Enhancement Division
Attn: YIPE Centre #5
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Ronco Media is not responsible for body parts that may fall off or be lost during use of YIPE. Ronco Media is not responsible for anything promised in this ad. Ronco Media disavows any knowledge of you or your relatives or people claiming to be known by you, or seen by you or related to you. Ronco does not encourage illegal behavior or activity and is simply providing this product and promotion as an interesting way to engage in social activity among adults who agree to Ronco disclaimers that exist now or may exist in the future. Further, Ronco Media is not responsible for anything.


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