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WAC: Get Personal Political Influence Fast! Save Big Tax Dollars Today!

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Political Influence Sales
Inebriated Press
October 20, 2007

Tired of not having any influence in politics and business? Sick of getting hosed with taxes from all directions and not being able to stop them? Almost ready to start taking Welfare payments and saying to heck with earning a living on your own? Well stop being pissed off and get started on the trail to Easy Street by purchasing political influence quickly, and easily today!

Get your own Japanese mafia connection and get deals that give you political power and extra cash right now!

That’s right; you can have power in local and national U.S. government that has the IRS overlooking your non-payment of taxes while they send you refunds on money you never even paid in! We’ll even set up off-shore accounts so you can launder money for your company or small business! Get what you deserve now!

A powerful ally is ready to help you today. How powerful? Listen to this testimonial:

“I was a dirt poor Arkansas boy who never went to school beyond sixth grade. But I scraped together enough cash to fund a Ronco Active Political Enterprise (RAPE) and before I knew it they’d fabricated an entire history for me and made me governor of the State. From there it was a small step to the presidency!” ~ W. J. Clinton.

You might not want to be president, but you could probably use his tax breaks and a few pardons! We can make that happen for you when you use our sophisticated RAPE government plan!

Get started today!

Send $1,000 in any form of valid cash transfer as a down payment and we’ll add you to our list of clients. That’ll buy you the right to skip paying any personal taxes this year. How’s that for a fast return on investment! Keep the payments coming and we’ll give you more benefits!

How do we do it? You really don’t want to know. Just keep making payments and we’ll keep saving you money and help you avoid imprisonment! It’s that easy!

Get going quickly by sending your first $1,000 payment and social security number to:

Ronco Media Political Influence Sales
Attn: RAPE Plan #6
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Ronco Media is not responsible for anything that happens to you if you fail to make routine payments or if you occasionally fail to murder government officials under our orders. In the event that you are visited by Russian mafia members Ronco Media will disavow any knowledge of you. Failure to do what Japanese mafia leaders tell you may result in termination of your personal RAPE program and possibly yourself. In addition, Ronco Media is not responsible for anything.


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