Google plans g-Phone and g-String initiatives

Wants to get more social, expand networking systems

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November 1, 2007

Internet search giant Google is in negotiations with two of the largest U.S. cell phone carriers and hopes to get Google software systems installed on both.  Google hopes to build their own “g-Phone” around the effort.  Also this week, Google is introducing “OpenSocial” a set of app’s that will allow social networking applications to run quickly and easily on multiple websites.  The networking “strings” that tie Google’s Social initiatives together reportedly will be called “g-Strings”.  Penthouse and Playboy are both vying to become corporate partner in the new Google g-String strategy.

“We make the perfect strategic fit in Google’s OpenSocial g-String initiative,” said Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder and g-String lover.  “At Playboy we’ve been strong believers in open-social efforts of all kinds for many years and I am convinced that a co-branded OpenSocial Playboy-Googling g-String initiative fits us to a T.  If I can put Bunnies on Google Campus we’ll revolutionize everything from web search to social communication and beyond.”

Not everyone likes the idea.  “If Google rolls out both the g-Phone and g-String initiatives and then combines them on a similar platform, kids with cell phones will have easier access to porn than they already have now.  And I don’t like the sound of that,” said consumer advocate and anti-porn crusader Jake Tomson with fingers in both his ears.  “If this trend continues the only hope we have to stop it is a venture between anti-porn Islamofascists and technical savvy Chinese.  I can see them working together against U.S. interests, but I think we’re on our own when it comes to controlling porn.”

Industry analysts say that the g-String concept of combining Google and a porn company is perfect for the company’s financial efficiency and market place leverage.  “Most Internet searches are for porn now and Google already caches porn sites so they can display them quickly,” said Merrill Lynch analyst Mo Mony, currently trying to replace lost revenues from risky mortgage related investments.  “Think how much more efficient it would be if they partnered with a porn firm and developed and delivered content directly to the Internet user.  They could use their Ad and product tie-ins and get a bigger piece of the action plus maximize the electronic porn programming to run better on their own servers.  Speed, efficiency and a huge porn market-share make the g-String unbeatable.”

In related news, News Corporation — the owner of MySpace and Fox News — is considering the addition of another social network called MyStrings.  MyStrings would feature photos of Fox News babes in g-strings and offer video clips of them giving the news while walking around the set.  Reportedly Fox would feature Dari Alexander, Patti Ann Browne, Kiran Chetry, Laurie Dhue, Lauren Green, Heather Nauert, Jane Skinner and Linda Vester.  Press inquiries about whether Neil Cavuto and Bill O’Reilly would also be on MyStrings in g-strings was met with a blank stare. 

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