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WAC: Make Big Money in Canadian Food

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by Ronco Media Bacon Sales
Inebriated Press
November 10, 2007

Tired of working someone else’s hours and giving away the best years of your working life?  Wish you could build your own business and make money on your own terms?  Well forget those gray days of working for the man and start your own business and make big money!

Get in on the bottom floor of a new food franchise and secure your own business opportunity today!

That’s right; you can have your own successful restaurant business and be serving popular food to popular people!  Get the bucks you’ve been looking for as an owner of an amazing new food franchise that’s just years away from becoming more popular than Asian and Mexican cuisine!  Don’t get caught up in an expensive and boring Chinese and Mexican food enterprise.  Get into the new Canadian Food trend right now!

Get a Canadian food franchise and start selling popular new Canadian-bacon based food products in a restaurant of your own!  Get started with a small onetime payment of only $500!

How can you get into a multimillion dollar franchise for only a few hundred dollars?  It seems complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  Ronco has put together a packet of information that combines the most successful business strategies used by founders of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and other well known ethnic food providers and puts them in your hands!  That’s right, getting these powerful secrets is that simple!  Then you just follow the concepts and grow and develop your own Canadian Food Restaurant and make millions in no time!  And for a mere $50 each year you’re able to use the Ronco Media Bacon Sales logo (a pig wearing the letter R) to differentiate your franchise from other questionable non-Ronco Media Canadian Restaurant franchises.  You’ll be a wealthy and successful businessperson in no time!

Get started today!  Mail $500 in cash for your Ronco Media Canadian Restaurant Strategy and Tactics Book to:

Ronco Media Bacon Sales
Attn: Maple Leaf Pork Concepts
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: You agree that by contacting Ronco Media Bacon Sales your ability to become a millionaire while operating a bacon restaurant may not be achievable but if it is you owe us $500,000 in cash.  Ronco Media provides no guarantees of any kind and is not responsible for customers slipping on greasy spots or anything else.

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