Elements of Style republished with nude pictures

Publisher says sales have quadrupled

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November 16, 2007

An American English writing style guide called “The Elements of Style” has been updated and republished with nude pictures by Penthouse Media Group.  The book was originally written in 1918 and privately published by Cornell University professor William Strunk Jr., and was first revised with the help of Edward A. Tenny in 1935.  It became a popular writing guide and in 2005 was released as “The Elements of Style Illustrated” by the Penguin Group but the illustrations were boring and sales lagged. The new edition is called “The Elements of Style and Flesh” and booksellers think it’ll be a hit.

“Students of journalism frequently doze during class and have difficulty focusing,” said writer and nudity expert Tawny Hide turning her bra inside out.  “This new edition is flying off the shelves because college students have a renewed interest in this classic guide to writing.  I’ve heard that even physical education majors are buying it.  It’s great to see the renewed interest in good writing.”

Not everyone thinks the combination of journalism and nudity is a good thing.  “There are too many naked journalists crisscrossing the country on roller-skates already,” said Jimmy Neutron a cartoon character not known for anything.  “Putting nude pictures in ‘The Elements of Style’ is a perversion of a classic artifact and will only encourage more bad behavior.  I’m almost out of my mind over this, and as an irrelevant cartoon character looking for work that’s quite a statement.”

Cartoon characters aside, Penthouse says that they’ve treated the classic work in classic fashion and have used nude pictures from 25 years ago and even some from France taken in the 1800’s.  “We felt that the old text needed old flesh to maintain continuity,” said Penthouse Media CEO Marc Bell nuzzling the leg of his assistant and pretending to be coy.  “Although we did use a few 3-D pictorials from our 2007 magazine just to jazz it up a bit.”

In related news, Hugh Hefner says that journalism is still journalism and flesh is still flesh but the combination is what makes his world go around.

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