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WAC: Make Big Money with “Bangers and Bottle Rockets” Food

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Sausage and Rocket Sales
Inebriated Press
November 17, 2007

Tired of working in a dull job that doesn’t include meat and fireworks?  Want to shake off boredom and put some excitement into your daily grind!  Well forget those cloudy skies of dull care and get started in a new enterprise of your own!

Get started in a unique new venture that will make you stand out in every community with an amazing new “British invasion”!

That’s right; not since the Beatles showed up in North America has there been this kind of excitement.  You can have your own successful British restaurant business and be serving unusual food in an exciting new way!  Earn the money you’ve been after as the owner of this amazing new food enterprise that includes an amazing new meat and explosives combination!  Don’t get caught up in expensive and confusing ethnic food enterprises.  Get your new sausage and gun powder fast food business right now!

You can own a popular new British Bangers and Bottle Rocket restaurant of your own!  Get started with a small onetime payment of only $1,200!

How can you get into a multimillion dollar franchise for just over $1k?  It seems complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  Ronco has put together the best recipes for British bangers and Chinese bottle rockets and put the instructions and some samples into a package and delivers them to your door!  That’s right, getting these powerful meat and gunpowder secrets is that simple!  And you’ll never believe how we combine them together into popular meat products!  Simply follow the recipes and instructions and then develop your Bangers and Bottle Rocket restaurant and make millions in no time! 

Get started today!  Mail $1,200 in cash for your Ronco Media “Bangers and Bottle Rockets” startup package to:

Ronco Media Sausage and Rocket Sales
Attn: Chinese fireworks and British meat division
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Ronco Media promises that your purchase of the Bangers and Bottle Rockets package will enable you to do things.  No additional guarantees are offered.  Some safety issues known and unknown may apply.  Explosive food is not legal in some States.  Ronco Media isn’t responsible for anything.

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