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WAC: Big Money in Lasic Surgery & Chinese Delivery

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Eye Care and Rickshaw Division
Inebriated Press
November 24, 2007

Ready to get your own piece of the action in the exciting high tech world of Lasic eye care?  Still want the solid old world kind of security provided by popular delivery services?  Well now you can get both in one simple package and have your own business in no time!

Get your own solid business with the unique combination of high tech and old school services!

That’s right; you can get both old and new and have a business that makes money and can survive in any economy!  By having the unique combination of high technology for eye care plus the solid old tech rickshaw technology for delivery services, you can have a business that has both modern and historical success!

Start your own delivery and eye care service quickly, cheaply and have it now!

How can we provide such a balanced, complex and profitable program so easily?  It seems complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  We combine the systems and techniques of popular Lasic eye surgery with Chinese delivery services!  You get your own eye surgery tools and a rickshaw so you can fix people’s eyesight when the economy is strong and people can afford it; and you make inexpensive deliveries around town all year long using a durable rickshaw!  Make big money year around!

To get started in your own Lasic and Chinese Delivery business, send $5,000 down payment in cash or negotiable securities to:

Ronco Media Eye Care and Rickshaw Division
Attn: Eyes and wheels
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Other costs of development and surgical training may apply.  Ronco Media isn’t responsible for medical risks that may appear during the implementation of this program.  Some other things may happen that you don’t like and Ronco Media isn’t liable for any of them.  You’re own your own.

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