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WAC: Big Money Opportunity in “Butt Cracks to Cleavages”

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Plumbing & Clubbing Division
Inebriated Press
December 1, 2007

Tired of sitting on the sidelines while plumbers and strip clubs rake in all the money?  Wish you had an opportunity to exploit both opportunities, but don’t know how?  Well stop singing the blues and start swinging for the fences with a new business opportunity that’s sure to be a home run!

Get off your ass and start collecting the cash you deserve from two of the worlds most popular businesses!

That’s right; now you can get an amazing new business that combines plumbing and strippers into one powerful new money-making venture!  Get your own business that combines the strength of the “in demand” toilet and sewage repair along with nudity and stripers!  It’s a business combination that can’t miss!

Big bucks are yours today when you get your own “Butt Cracks to Cleavage” business operation!

How can we offer such an amazing business combination?  It may sound complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  We just asked the customers of Dick and Jane’s Stripper Bar to give us their vision of the perfect business.  They said they wanted strippers to work on the plumbing of their homes!  Ronco Media took the ideas from this field research and turned it into a business program.  Now we provide stripping experience to plumbers and plumber experience to strippers and are offering the plans to develop this scheme to anybody with $250!  Send us the money and you get the easy to follow plans.  It’s that easy! 

Mail $250 in cash to get your easy to follow and develop stripper-plumber business package to:

Ronco Media Plumbing & Clubbing Division
Attn: Plumber & Stripper Supplies
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print: Some legal requirements for licensed plumbing and stripping may apply.  Ronco Media restricts use of this program to people whose cash is good.  Other risks may apply.  Ronco Media isn’t liable for anything.

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