WAC: Save Time with a Powerful Deodorant and Easy Hair Remover

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Body Chemical Division
Inebriated Division
December 15, 2007

Worn out from all the body maintenance you have to do each day?  Trimming, clipping, showering, deodorizing, perfuming and on and on?  Wish you had more time to yourself each day?  Well start sleeping in on work day mornings and still get to your job on time!

Smell good, look good and spend almost no time doing it!

That’s right; now you can sleep in on weekday mornings and still look clean, smell clean and be on the job with time to spare.  Don’t waste hours of everyday in the bathroom primping and preening when you can smell great and have your hairy parts hair free quickly and easily using a simple and unique annual process!  No kidding!  Why spend your time clipping and waxing, shaving and plucking when you can have a once-a-year treatment that handles it all?  Spend your early morning hours sleeping, cuddling or just hanging out rather than spending it on body maintenance.  Get yourself free!

Look good and smell good with our patented once-a-year process and take the rest of the year off!

How can we provide such a wonderful time saving opportunity and still have you look and smell so good?  It may seem complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  By partnering with Chinese chemical engineers we’ve been able to acquire and patent an amazing chemical agent that causes your sweat glands to produce sweet smelling odor like daisies, roses, mint , forests and even strawberries and cream!  And, it contains unique characteristics that inhibit the ability of areas of your skin to produce hair!  That’s right!  No more shaving or plucking or using deodorant or perfume!  Get the treatment once each year and free-up hours of wasted time!

Sign up for your treatment and subsequent treatments today!  Just send $300 in cash to:

Ronco Media Body Chemical Division
Attn: chemo inventory
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321


Fine print:  Some chemicals react differently on some people than others.  No warrantees are made or implied.  The terms “hair” and “scent” may have different meaning occasionally and Ronco Media assumes responsibility for nothing.

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