9-11, Good, Evil & Revisionist History: A Christmas Story

Can politics and bureaucracy keep you safe and free?
Or might it take steel eyed realists willing to do hard things when necessary?

Inebriated Press / Division of Rant (with no pretzels)
December 26, 2007

It’s the Christmas Season, Circa 2007.  And freedom, democracy and individual rights are still synonymous with the United States of America.  Do we appreciate the gift we have and what it cost?  Will we protect it, exchange it or lose it for lack of attention?  Bureaucracy and schisms have always threatened clear thinking and the past 200 years of American history has its share of it.  Is this generation ready to defend what past generations have fought and died for?  There are men and women putting their lives on the line for it today.  So the answer is, “yes”.  But there are also activists and historical revisionists trying to twist our recent past and convince us that we didn’t really have to take serious action to discover actionable intelligence and stop terrorists.  Will we buy what they’re selling?

As the World Trade Center buildings fell in New York City on 9-11-2001 Americans began to grasp the reality of mass terrorism on American soil.  And on the heals of that day, as the shock shifted to anger and politics were set aside and nerves were steeled and minds sharpened and decisions made to find those who perpetuated the violence, stop them and make sure it never happened again; hard and cold and clear action was initiated.  As a result of those actions, to date, no successful Islamofascist attacks have been successfully carried out on U.S. soil.  Other things have happened too: a dictator toppled and a rogue state run by terrorists unseated and a struggling democracy begun in the Middle East. 

Since that time there have been terrorist schemes planned but uncovered in various countries, each one seeking to attack the U.S. or its allies — most plans against allies were halted – all of them against America stopped.  Debate over what ought to have been done after 9-11 goes on, but no one can argue the results on American soil: American might, intelligence and the Grace of God, has thus far stopped new incidence of radical Muslim terrorism against our country.  And as our memories fade and politics heat up, activists, naysayer’s and liberal hacks, now residing in safety and comfort, raise their heads and seek to revise history. 

Water-boarding terrorists is condemned now — and supposedly always has been – by those who want terrorists treated like hard working Americans with a traffic ticket.  The Bush Administration has agreed never to allow water-boarding again.  That despite it being key to stopping specific terrorism and the resulting capture of both terrorists and their plans.  CIA erased taped interrogation of terrorists and now they’re on notice by politicians and activists that even though the 911 Commission closed on August 21, 2004, CIA should keep stuff around that future leaders may wish to use against them.  And so the worm turns. 

In times of war the civil nature of men and women are set aside out of necessity and killing is no longer illegal, it is expected and even required.  When an enemy bent on killing you proves their motives, the options become uncomfortably simple: kill or be killed.  Theoreticians and pacifists who disagree are alive today and free to voice their opinions only because there were others who have defended that liberty with their lives.  The power of niceness pales before Nazi’s who gas Jews and Islamofascists who saw the heads off of journalists and captured soldiers.   Unfortunately the subjugation and often the death of evil people is required to bring civility, peace and freedom back to societies and countries.

It may seem convenient to say that no evil can come where niceness prevails but that is ignoring reality.  Evil exists in the world and oftentimes it takes violence to quell it.  There is legitimate concern that we must walk a thin line and not become evil when crushing evil.  And care must be taken.  But on no account should we lay down our arms, our techniques or our guard when confronting and ending it.  And to turn against the men and women of the CIA, FBI, U.S. Military or Law Enforcement and seek to revise what happened or reinterpret the actions we expected and asked them to do on our behalf, is not only wrong it is foolish and short-sited.

Can politicians and bureaucrats protect us, or does it take steel eyed intelligence professionals who do what they’re asked to do, following the rules and walking the edge of amorality?  It is dicey to be sure, but such is the nature of life in the jungle.  Across time and space a beautiful anomaly on planet earth appeared: the United States of America, a constitution-based federal republic with a strong democratic tradition, founded upon the ideas of mainly Judeo-Christians having fled Europe because of religious persecution.  It has existed for a slight 231 years.  Will it stand forever?  Only if we defend it.

The old timers who said “freedom isn’t free” weren’t making talk to kill time.  They were those who had killed in the name of freedom and understood its cost. 

It’s Christmas time.  It’s the holiday season.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy your freedom.  And when you have a moment, thank God for what you have.  Remember what the gift cost.  And do what you can to pass it on to those who come after you.

Maybe I’m sober after all.

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