WAC: Make Big Money Helping Wealthy Nigerians

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Wealth Management Group
Inebriated Press
March 8, 2008

Looking for a hot new money making opportunity that’s as easy as giving out your bank account information?  Eager for simplicity and overwhelming desire to help people claiming to be wealthy foreigners?  Well, now’s your chance!

Take the risk for windfall profits by simply sharing your bank account information!

That’s right, wealthy Nigerians desperately need American’s bank account information so that they can transfer vast amounts of money to you and free themselves from problems that they’re having in their country.  And you can help because you’re one of those people who have a bank account with transfer numbers that allow money to move around.  That gives you an amazing opportunity to participate in this popular Nigerian program, which promises you up to 20% of each multimillion dollar transaction.

Go with your dreams and set aside good common sense for a shot at big bucks!

How can such an amazing opportunity be yours with such a simple action of merely transferring a bank account number?  It may seem simple but it actually initiates the opportunity for someone to use your name and bank ID and transfer funds into or out of your accounts.  And it’s been going on and instigated by Nigerians for some time now, but maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to participate.  Well, now you can!  And we can help!

Simply mail your bank account information to us with your name and address so we are able to put you in contact with wealthy Nigerians who need to transfer funds to your account, and all you do is transfer 80% of it to some of their relatives here, while you keep 20%!  You could get rich in almost no time at all!  We’ll just take a minor finders fee of a couple hundred bucks.  Mail your information quickly, to:

Ronco Media Wealth Management Group
Attn: Shady Deal Tower
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321

Fine print: It’s possible that all the Nigerians want is your bank account data so that they can drain your account and not actually transfer any money to you, but I wouldn’t worry about it.  Some other risks may apply that we’re not disclosing at this time.  As always, Ronco Media and our crafty associates aren’t responsible for anything.

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