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WAC: Alarmists Wanted; Earn Big Money!

Weekend Ad Copy (WAC) by: Ronco Media Hyper Active Group
Inebriated Press
March 15, 2008

Like to get worked up about things but no matter how often you’re proven right, it’s still hard to make ends meet at the beginning of each month?  Wish you could get all riled up and get paid for it?  Well wish no more because we’re here for you!

Go berserk over all kinds of things and make big money doing it!

That’s right, now you can become an alarmist about a multitude of topics, both popular and arcane, and get paid the big bucks by celebrity supporters and left-wing George Soros type millionaires with an axe to grind and the money to pay for it!  All you really need is a pissed off attitude and a big mouth and we can help you get that big bank account!

Defame companies, government officials and some celebrity’s for cash today!

How can we offer such an amazing money making opportunity and make it seem so simple?  It may seem simple but it’s really very complicated without our help.  We help you select the right politician, product, corporation or service sector to attack, and the best media outlets to go berserk near to get big coverage.  Once you get some air-time, we get our alarmist-topic-sponsor to kick you some bucks and we only keep a small 15% commission.  That’s right, you get the big bucks and the freedom to go nuts over things like global warming, antibiotics in our food, the Republicans, the Democrats, global trade, and all kinds of other topics.  Get your name to the front of the line for this opportunity quickly, by mailing your name, address, preferred topic and $75.00 for processing, to:

Ronco Media Hyper Active Group
Attn: Pissed at the World for Money Department
Box 1234567
New York, New York 54321

Fine print: It’s possible that we’ll keep your $75.00 and you’ll never hear from us again, but I wouldn’t worry about it.  Some alarmists are ignored and this could be you.  Some other risks may apply that we’re not disclosing at this time.  As always, Ronco Media and our crafty associates aren’t responsible for anything.  Sign up quick, topics to be pissed off about are being rapidly assigned to others!

(C) 2008 InebriatedPress.com

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