Obama to Wear Lapel Pin When Proud of Country

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March 17, 2008

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, the man running on a platform of change and against the “old politics of division,” is dividing Americans as he argues that it’s not patriotic to wear a flag lapel pin.  Obama’s wife announced at two rally’s in Wisconsin in February that she had never been proud of America in her life, until the voters’ recent support of the Obama for President Campaign.  The Senator himself says that he’s still not proud enough of America to wear a flag on his lapel, but if he’s elected president and can reshape the country into his vision of it, he just might try one on.

“The United States of America is not Africa and as a member of Trinity church in Chicago, that makes me unable to wear lapel pins with American flags on them.  You see it’s against my religion,” said candidate Obama, referring to his church, Trinity United Church of Christ’ and its 10-Point vision in the About section at tucc.org.  “I admit that on occasion I’ve worn the pins of various causes on my lapel, but that’s different.  I support what those pins represent.  I don’t support what the U.S. represents today, that’s why it’s so important that I become president and change America.  If and when I get that done, then I might consider wearing an American flag lapel pin.  Of course it may look different then.”

Most Americans agree that it’s important that what a candidate does, reflects what they believe in.  “Actions speak louder than words.  Too many politicians say things that they don’t believe or have no intention to follow through with, and I’m tired of that,” said E. Gervoter, an American with a desire for change of any kind at any cost.  “The fact that Obama is running on a platform of change and won’t wear an American flag pin makes a lot of sense.  No one should be allowed to brow beat him into pretending he likes the country today.  His politics are to the left of Teddy Kennedy and he wants to announce that we lost the war in Iraq and pull our troops out; he wants to increase taxes to all Americans except those who don’t currently pay any; he wants the U.S. to donate $845 billion per year to the U.N. above what we contribute now, so the U.N. can distribute it to other countries.  His economic reform plan means basically taking what we have and giving it to others.  These things are not what’s reflected in the flag pin of today which is all mucked up with freedom for the oppressed and defense of our way of life.  There’s no way he can support that or wear the silly pin.”

Recently Senator Obama has come under fire by some pro-American people in the United States over the refusal of the potential Commander-in-Chief, to wear an American flag pin in his jacket lapel.  These so called “traditional Americans” wonder what troubles Obama about the flag that they believe represents a country conceived in liberty, and that so many Americans died to preserve.  According to a piece in the New York Times, Obama says that he used to wear one but that after 9/11 and the discussion about defending the U.S. by acting militarily in the Middle East, he removed it.  Some people see this, and his wife Michelle’s statement’s in Wisconsin on the heels of Obama election momentum, that “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country,” to mean that he’s damn serious when he says he’s all about change.

“Now I’m not saying that Obama is Hitler, nor would I pretend to, but sometimes a guy says what he means, like Adolph did in Mein Kampf.  Adolph said he wanted change and he said the Jews were the big problem and he meant it and backed it up with action,” said Stacy Lacey, a stripper and part time politician known for her bills in Congress backing silicon production.  “Barack says he wants change and he means it.  He says he’ll admit defeat and pull out of Iraq, and he means it.  He says he’ll raise our taxes and will give billions to the United Nations to distribute and he means it.  His voting record shows that he was against the Iraq war when intelligence believed by the U.S. and our allies all said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they were tied to Al Qaeda.  So the next time there is a credible threat on the U.S. backed by a foreign nation, following a horrific event like the one on 9/11, we can expect President Obama to sit tight and not react to defend us.  Now you have to admit, that would be a change.”

In related news, Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s Chavez and Al Qaeda continue to berate and condemn the current U.S. defense policy and think it’s time for a change.  Interestingly they have withheld comment on Obama’s vision for America.

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