Addicted to Power and Incest

Russia’s Putin gives up title, not control
Austria’s Josef Fritzl says incest was ‘addiction’

Inebriated Press
May 16, 2008

The Calgary Herald reported this week that Vladimir Putin turned over the Russian presidency to Dmitry Medvedev but kept his place in the Kremlin, and with it his control. And Reuters reported that Austrian Josef Fritzl said he became addicted to incest with his daughter, who bore him seven children, and imprisoned her in a cellar for her protection. The age old problem of addiction to power over others continues unabated in the new century.

“I’m the only one capable of properly ruling the country and recreating the Soviet Empire but in my image as benevolent czar,” said someone claiming to be Vladimir Putin, the former Russian president and current prime minister in waiting, refusing to remove his hat or give up his chair. “I took away the right to elect governors and in so doing was able to appoint the right ones which will enable the people to have the good lives that I envision for them. I support Iran against Iraq and the U.S. so I can influence the world as I know best. I have Russian dissidents like Alexander Litvinenko poisoned with radiation so they shut up about the return of the KGB and Soviet style tactics that others shouldn’t bother to understand. I’m not addicted to power, I just love it more than life itself and will wield it over all in a benevolent dictatorship never seen since Stalin, god rest his godless soul.”

Some people don’t deny addiction; they see it as one of the great benefits bestowed upon humanity by nature. “Incest and a desire for control and power are naturally occurring evolutionary benefits and can be found in both animals and humans,” said Genghis Khan, a benevolent fellow to whom ruling men and raping women is as natural as breathing. “The deep desire to control men and women and do what you like with them is a primal thing that should be encouraged and respected. Control and propagation through rape and raw power is something to be proud of and even addicted to. Those who say otherwise are weak in mind and body and should be ruled with iron. Taking and having in whatever way one wants is the natural order of things. That’s true whether it’s taking another tribe, a nation or your own daughter. Embrace the desire. Take it to heart and then take others however you wish.”

The Calgary Herald reported that Dmitry Medvedev may be Russia’s president but Vladimir Putin has kept his place in the Kremlin. When Putin came to his old office in the Kremlin on Monday to propose the names of ministers for his government, the former president made for his customary seat on the left of the desk. But he paused before sitting down and told President Medvedev: “Now this is your place,” Russia’s Kommersant daily reported. “Oh, what’s the difference?” Medvedev answered and immediately sat on the right of the desk, where Putin’s guests traditionally perched for the eight years of his presidency. Analysts and media said the seating arrangements at Monday’s Kremlin meeting showed that Putin remains in the driving seat. Medvedev swiftly approved all Putin’s proposals for the government, which was filled with the former Kremlin chief’s closest advisers and trusted allies.

Reuters reported that Austrian Josef Fritzl said he became addicted to incest with his daughter, who bore him seven children, and had imprisoned her in a cellar to save her from the outside world. In comments related by his lawyer to weekly magazine News, Fritzl, who locked up Elisabeth in 1984 when she was 18, said he started raping his daughter a year later. “My drive to have sex with Elisabeth grew stronger and stronger,” Fritzl was quoted as saying. “I knew Elisabeth didn’t want me to do what I did to her. I knew that I was hurting her. … It was like an addiction.” Elisabeth has told police that Josef started sexually abusing her when she was 11. Fritzl said he found himself trapped in an inescapable cycle once he had locked up Elisabeth. Fritzl described himself as a man who valued decency and good manners and said, “I am not the beast the media depicts me as.” But some people say power does corrupt and removes people’s humanity making them beasts or worse.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Mike Sprite, a simple guy who likes to bowl and works for a sign painting company. “I don’t know a lot about politics or the psychology of addition but I’d rather our country was run by the first fifty names of the local telephone directory than all the PhD’s and power brokers running around the world. There’s bound to be some regular folks with common sense and common decency in the first fifty names, and they’ll do the right thing. We can’t just let our drives and desires run away with us no matter how random some people claim that ethics are. Deep down we all know better. There’s something inside each of us that makes us know that behaving like Putin and Fritzl is wrong. My kids know that and they’re both in Middle School. We only ignore our conscience when we want to get away with something.”

In other news, actress Eva Mendes is out of rehab and is appearing topless and sucking her own toe in the new issue of Vogue Italia. The actress also wears racy lingerie and appears with woman’s feet on her breasts. No word on what addiction she was rehab’d for but apparently it wasn’t for publically sucking her feet naked — unless it didn’t take at all.

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