100 Days of Sex

Denver Lifestyle Reporter Details Sex Life “Journey”
UK Woman Tells Tale of Sex On Cell Phone Disaster

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June 12, 2008

The Denver Post reported Tuesday that lifestyle reporter Doug Brown and his wife, Annie, had sex every day for 100 days and then paused to catch their breath and write a book about it. And the UK Telegraph newspaper reported last week that a jealous lover flew into a rage and assaulted his girlfriend after she accidentally called him while having sex with another man. Debate over kiss and tell tales among spouses and lovers by phone or by book is being debated like hot coffee at a nude espresso bar.

“It’s never good form to talk about ones sex life or experiences or experiments in public or by cell phone,” said Tammy Mindnum-Middlesex, an average blonde drug-testing expert, with an above average need for calcium and a below average need for a short balding man named Pete. “Sexual activity and eating, sleeping and drinking hot coffee are things that come with being human, and that’s all fine; but we don’t need to try and make any of them seem like more than they are by making up stories about them. I like sex with my husband Pete just like the next person, but 100 days in a row is ridiculous. I could write a book about the time Pete and I did it back in 2005 that time, and the times we did it before then, but it wouldn’t be right. And I’d never call Felix about it. I mean, I wouldn’t talk to people on cell phones about my sex life. All that sort of thing is wrong. You don’t have to write that part about Felix in your story do you?”

Some people think that communication is the spice that adds life to every party. “Nothing should be left unsaid, ever. If you think it, do it, know it and have the capability to communicate it, you should,” said Bubbling Brooke, an open and out-there brunette who says whatever comes into her mind, bathes in the nude and occasionally washes parked cars on the street that way too. “You should never hold anything back. I believe in giving myself freely to others in every way possible and telling everyone who’ll listen about it. I mean if you can’t share everything then what good is a society? A country might just as well be one person. But if you share everything then we all grow and can learn from each others experiences and mistakes and wild times and find out about unique positions that you’d never even imagine. And I don’t just mean sex or the stock market. There are all kinds of stuff you can find out.”

The Denver Post reported that lifestyle reporter Doug Brown and his wife, Annie, were featured on NBC’s “Today Show” where they discussed a book about their sex lives. Doug wrote the book after Annie suggested that they have sex every day for 100 days. She said that after 14 years together, their sex life had become stale. “Just Do It: How One Couple Turned Off the TV and Turned on their Sex Lives for 101 Days (No Excuses!),” details the journey. “Immediately, I had second thoughts,” Annie Brown told interviewer Ann Currie in the interview. “When I would tell my girlfriends about it, immediately, their mouths would drop open and they’d ask, ‘Are you crazy?'” Doug Brown said, “You couldn’t do this for the rest of your life. … It was exhausting.” But he recommends couples push themselves at least once a week, regardless of fatigue. “It wasn’t just the sex, we were constantly hugging each other. And that has lived on. We touch more,” he said.

The UK Telegraph reported that Toni Milton, 38, mistakenly dialed Neil O’Brien’s number on her mobile phone while she was making love to her ex-boyfriend, a court heard. O’Brien, 41, said the sound of his girlfriend sleeping with another man caused him to flip out. He drove to her house and stamped on her face so hard he left a shoeprint, Leicester crown court heard. Miss Milton only realized she had accidentally pressed the redial button on her mobile phone when she heard O’Brien shouting at her down the line. When she picked up the phone he said: “I take it we’re finished then?” John Hallissey, prosecuting attorney, said: “It appears that while they were in bed together – and it is relevant that they were having sex – her mobile phone was knocked on to the floor. “It landed in such a way that it dialed O’Brien’s number. The first she knew of what had happened was when she heard him shouting her name.” Judge William Everard told him: “Any court would understand why you were angry. O’Brien was jailed for 15 months after the judge said even the “unusual circumstances” of the incident would not save him from prison.

In other news, the Telepgraph reported that grocery store Tesco refused to sell barbecue sauce to a customer because it contained a tiny amount of alcohol and she couldn’t prove her age. Claire Birchell, 25, was told she could not buy the Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce which has an alcohol content of 2 per cent. Staff at the store in Flitwick [UK], near Bedford also refused to sell the bottle to her brother-in-law, Philip Dover, 27, who did have ID, because they believed he would just give the bottle to Miss Birchell. A spokesman for Tesco said “Our staff are incredibly vigilant when it comes to the sale of alcohol.” No word on what the sauce was intended for, but conspiracy theorists believe it had something to do with a book sequel involving 100 days of sex and barbecue called, “Meat Over Matter: One Tasty Ride”.

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