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Inebriated Press Ponders Future

‘Editor’ Drives IP One Complete Calendar Year
Likes Silliness and Occasional Rant, Finds Daily Production Tough Sledding
Ponders a Break and Maybe ‘Retirement’

Readers who want to weigh in on Inebriated Press’ future are encouraged to drop a note to: ipress@chiblitz.com.

Inebriated Press
July 8, 2008

“What started as a lark has turned into work and even though InebriatedPress.com (IP) is getting several thousand hits a month, I’m not sure I’m up for another year,” thought the ‘Editor’ to himself, as he sat writing this and wondering what some of the busty imaginary IP interviewees would really look like if they became flesh somehow.  “A year ago I was churning out two articles a day plus some toons and fake ad’s for weekends, but  I faded and started doing one article per week-day and a couple pictures with smart aleck comments for the weekends.  Now I may slow to a couple articles a week or stop production altogether, I’m not sure.  I’ll ask the readers what they think.”

The unnamed and somewhat secretive “Editor” who has created and posted all of the InebriatedPress.com material, maintains both a full time and part-time job in addition to the IP writing.  Living someplace in North America he occasionally reflects on stuff he sees going on and likes to juxtapose news items into single articles.  Usually they’re just for fun but occasionally they become ‘rants’ as he gets stuff off his chest.  Reoccurring themes that have appeared in the material include: individual freedom, Islamofascists, politicians, personal responsibility and social trends.  All pieces contain fictional characters and some articles have real ones.  The ‘news’ is sometimes fact and sometimes fiction – occasionally all fiction, like “Nude pic’s of Hillary Clinton online,” the IP article with the top number of hits.  The stories are typically laced with sexual innuendos, but not always.

“Inebriated Press helped me become creative again in a silly way and let me do something just for fun.  I can’t talk or act in the real world the way I can in Inebriated Press, so it’s provided an enjoyable break from reality.  I’m torn between keeping it going, cutting back or just stopping.  Looking back at some of the pieces I produced, I know some are junk, but others are pretty funny and occasionally thought provoking.  But it’s not like its important stuff.  I just whip out whatever comes to mind.  It’s really all just in fun,” said the Editor, repressing an urge to remark on the female anatomy, something he finds amazing in both physical and metaphysical ways.  “I never opened the comments section on Word Press because I just don’t have the time to manage them.  It would have been fun too, if I’d had the time.  For now, I’m taking a break.  I’ll think it over and decide if I want to produce IP material again.  I wish the readers the best of all things good, and invite them to email me with their thoughts on the future of Inebriated Press, if they want.  And of course, as always, smoke’m if you got’em.”


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