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News Potpourri: firebomb apology, anti-Mensa drug deals and the underwear dare he just couldn’t refuse

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     Firebomb victims find note of apology
     Pair robbed while trying to buy drugs
     Underwear chicken dare puts man in hospital

Firebomb victims find note of apology
Elise Stolte
The Edmonton Journal
July 23, 2008

EDMONTON – An Edmonton couple whose home was firebombed two weeks ago say they found a surprise apology note in their mailbox three days later.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” someone wrote on a piece of looseleaf paper. “The wrong house was targeted … we believed that someone else lived there. There is no need to worry for any future attacks.”

Andrea and Byron Dohms had just gone to bed on July 9 when they heard a window shatter downstairs.

Someone threw four Molotov cocktails at their house near 33rd Street and 28A Avenue. The two bottles that landed inside the house weren’t lit and fire crews minimized exterior damage.

The couple had no idea why they were targeted, said Andrea Dohms. She slept poorly after that night and started at the sound of a slamming car door.

Three days later, Dohms found the apology tucked in among sympathy cards from neighbours. She turned it over to police.

“We were pretty surprised,” Dohms said later. “We did appreciate it … but the reality is, they were trying to hit someone.

“It sounds like they didn’t want innocent people to be affected but, really, you can’t control something like that. It could get really bad. They could kill somebody.”

On Monday, police tied an eighth firebombing in the area to a growing vendetta between three groups of youths in Mill Woods.

So far, no one has been injured in the attacks.

Many of the victims aren’t co-operating with police investigators.


Pair robbed while trying to buy drugs

The Wichita Eagle
Jul. 22, 2008

Invitations to join Mensa aren’t likely to be mailed to two people who called police late Monday night to report a crime.

The offense? Someone robbed them while they were attempting to buy marijuana in north Wichita.

Police interviewed the 19-year-old woman and 24-year-old man in the 2600 block of North Madison, where they said two people stole her purse — which included a large amount of cash with which they intended to purchase the drugs.

After taking their report, police arrested the victims on suspicion of attempted possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.


Underwear chicken dare puts man in hospital

Yahoo! News
Jul 23, 2008

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian man’s dare went horribly wrong when he tried to play chicken with cars on a freeway wearing only his underwear. The 18 year old was critically injured after being hit by a four-wheel drive on a freeway in the southern city of Melbourne in the early hours of Wednesday, police said in a statement.
“Police are dismayed at the utter stupidity of a man who decided to play chicken on the Tullamarine Freeway,” the statement said.

“It was lucky nobody was killed as a result and police couldn’t believe anybody would be foolish enough to take such grave risks with their personal safety and that of other road users.” The driver and passenger in the car were unhurt, though the vehicle was a write-off.

(Reporting by Jonathan Standing; Editing by Valerie Lee)


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