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$125,000 missile sits in woman’s basement

KMOV St. Louis, Missouri
February 19, 2009

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)– A Missouri Air National Guard missile is caught in the middle of a divorce case.

A St. Louis woman wants the air guard to pick up a missile that’s sitting next to her furnace.

Kim Samuel said her husband wanted to hang it above their bar.

090223-missile-bw2That never happened and now their getting a divorce and she wants it out of her basement.

She’s not worried about it blowing up because it’s not live.

But she’s worried about having government property sitting downstairs.

She showed News 4 an email between her and the guard.

They wrote that they do need to get this missile back because it’s an air force asset.

News 4 spoke with a representative with the Air National Guard.

We’re told this was a missile used for training purposes and it is not a threat to anyone. 

But it is air force property and they want it back.

Samuel is hoping the guard will pick the missile up next week and she wants News 4 to be there when they do.


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