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Microsoft jabs Apple; Child Arrested for Her Own Nude Pictures; and, Moron Terrorist Blows Himself and Friends to Bits

> Microsoft Knifes Apple over High Prices
> 14-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Child Porn; Posted Pic’s of Herself
> Suicide Bomber Accidentally Blows Himself Up, Plus Six Other Terrorists

Inebriated Press
March 30, 2009

MySpace Gal, Mmm not 14

MySpace Gal, Mmm not 14

PC World reported Friday that Microsoft has set off a class war between Windows and Mac fans.  In a new ad “Lauren” tries to buy a laptop that costs less than $1,000 and ends up buying a Windows machine.  And Associated Press reported last week that a 14-year-old New Jersey girl has been accused of child pornography after posting nude pictures of herself on MySpace.com — charges that could force her to register as a sex offender if convicted.  Meanwhile, Reuters reported that an Afghan suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up, killing six other terrorists as he was bidding them farewell to leave for his intended target.  Inebriated reporters have taken up sides in the Windows vs. Mac war and have been keeping up a steady torrent of obscenities, pausing only for booze, tobacco and an occasional web search during which they try to guess the ages of girls in porn postings.

Someone named Tom

Someone named Tom

“Sometimes it’s hard to guess the girls ages when they’re wearing a lot of makeup and stuff, especially if they’re structurally mature,” said Tom Thumb-Naile, an Inebriated reporter pretending to be someone else.  “What I know for sure is that the Mac users are bunch of whiners regardless of what their age is.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that idiot bomber who blew himself and his buddies up was a Mac user.  Think of it, wasting all your money on an Apple when it’s not the global standard and most software won’t even run on it.  It’s stupid.”

Not everyone agrees with Thumb-Naile.  “So you pay a little more for quality and innovation, it’s worth it.  And why screw with a 14-year-old kid who still needs to grow up?  Pull down the vid’s and let her alone.  It’s time the adults pay attention to grown-up stuff and guys start looking for hot mature women and Apple computers to provide for their needs,” said Charlotte Chase-Brown, a hot mature woman with an Apple computer, fully capable of meeting any man’s needs and a few women on the side.  “And that terrorist who blew himself up along with an inventory of other terrorists — I wonder how many virgins will be lining up in hell for that bunch of idiots — they’ll be lucky to score a couple 14-year-old girl MySpace videos! Goofballs.”

Mac v PCPC World reported that faster than you can say Red State vs. Blue State, Microsoft’s latest ad has set off a class war between Windows and Mac fanboys. If you haven’t seen the ad, basically, shopper Lauren tries to find a laptop under $1000 and ends up getting a Windows machine. In the past, Windows boys have let Microsoft do all their public dissing for them, taking shots at the Apple Tax, shortcomings of the iPhone and even the Apple logo. But since Microsoft pulled out the long knives with its latest commercial spot, warriors of both stripes are reaching out from their basement caves for an epic Windows vs. Apple battle.

PC World wasn’t the only place that fights broke out. Over at Gizmodo the Apple fans were defending their honor against Microsoft’s attack. Even poor, perky Lauren became a target in this bloody battle of words. “I don’t care if that broke b*tch can’t afford a Mac,” said pettiblay. “I would love to see a study where you give a couple people 2500$ and see which laptop they buy.”  Of course it wasn’t only the commenting crowd that was getting in on the action. Over at Microsoft Watch, Joe Wilcox said, “Oh, baby, this is exactly the kind of marketing Microsoft should be doing now. The emphasis is value, with Apple taking blows from Microsoft. Ouch.” We can expect more of these ads, as advertising dollars are flowing right now to get Lauren and her fellow shoppers in front of the March Madness audience.

MySpace Gals

MySpace Gals

Associated Press reported that a 14-year-old New Jersey girl has been accused of child pornography after posting nearly 30 explicit nude pictures of herself on MySpace.com — charges that could force her to register as a sex offender if convicted. The case comes as prosecutors nationwide pursue child pornography cases resulting from kids sending nude photos to one another over cell phones and e-mail. Legal experts, though, could not recall another case of a child porn charge resulting from a teen’s posting to a social networking site.

The investigation found that the girl had posted “very explicit” photos of herself, according to sheriff’s spokesman Bill Maer. The teen, whose name has not been released because of her age, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography. She was released to her mother’s custody. If convicted of the distribution charge, she would be forced to register with the state as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, said state Attorney General Anne Milgram. She also could face up to 17 years in jail, though such a stiff sentence is unlikely.

Wrong shoes, wrong brains

Wrong shoes, wrong brains

Reuters reported that a would-be suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up last week, killing six other militants as he was bidding them farewell to leave for his intended target, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. “The terrorist was on his way to his destination and saying good-bye to his associates and then his suicide vest exploded,” a statement from the ministry said. Taliban-led attacks in Afghanistan have escalated in the past year with suicide and roadside bombings insurgents’ weapons of choice. The incident happened in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan where mainly British troops are struggling against a growing Taliban-led insurgency.

Some people say that death is too good for terrorists and that terrorizing them is the only fair treatment.

“These Islamofascists cut the heads off of people they disagree with, they oppress women and abuse them, they want to destroy individual freedom and the values of the West,” said Martha Mayberry-Silicone, a free market economist and part-time stripper, currently headlining at the Bombs Away Strip Club and Economic Stimulus Office. “The only thing they fear is a piece of pig meat.  Absurd as that may sound.  So I say capture the sons of bitches and house them on pig farms.  When they can’t take it anymore and take themselves out, or we find them guilty and execute them, then bury them in the ground with a piece of ham by their side.  They’d start thinking twice about screwing with us if they know that only pigs and no virgins will be hanging with them in eternity.  Damn straight.”

Two-O'Clock Titty

Two-O'Clock Titty

In other news, NBC Bay Area reported last week that spring has sprung, and with it, so has the two o’clock tit. As drivers enter San Francisco via the Octavia Street off-ramp, and they crest the small hill at Haight street, if their trip is timed just right and the sun is out, they will be greeted by one of the funniest landmarks this city has to offer: the two o’clock titty. Because of the unique design of St. Mary Cathedral, and the positioning of it geographically, a distinct shadow that resembles a woman’s breast is cast both in the morning and in the afternoon on the West and East sides of the church, respectively.  No word on whether investigators will arrest the priests or architects for publically displaying porn, but weirder shit is happening.

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