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Men want Babes, Women want Guys with Money

Evolutionary psychologists say men want pretty young women;
Evolutionary psychologists say women want older men with money;
And social psychologists say men will take bigger risks to win women they want

Inebriated Press
December 26, 2008

$$ Bill Gates & Warren Buffett $$

$$ Bill Gates & Warren Buffett $$

LiveScience reported last week that new analysis by the University of Gothenburg and the University of Oxford underscore the party line that men want to marry pretty women while women want older men with money — but we don’t always get what we want.  And MSNBC reported that a new study by social psychologists at Florida State University says that men may flirt with risk because they think it will help them score women. Meanwhile Inebriated reporters continue to ply one another with booze hoping to get whatever it is that they want.

“I was looking for a young good looking guy with money and thought I had one until he fell down drunk and dropped his wallet and food stamps fell out of it,” said Stacy Blackk-Leather, a hot babe and convection welder, who attracts men of all ages according to evolutionary psychologists.  “So now I’m looking for an old guy who can hold his liquor, his wallet and hopefully executive level employment.  I guess youth really is wasted on the young.  Well, never mind.  I’ll stick with the trends and go for old gold because it’s better than none.” 

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch

Not everyone sees it the way evolutionary psychologists do.  “Forget the hot babes, I’m after old women with money and experience, and I’ll take whatever risks I have-to in order to hook up with one,” said Stanley White-Plastik, a twenty-eight year old guy and napkin designer, who trusts Florida State psychologists but not University of Gothenburg ones.  “Raquel Welch may be 68 but she’s hot, has money and is famous.  You think I’d pass on her for some twenty-year-old bimbo who is trying to ‘find herself’?  Well, maybe for a night or two, but not in the long run.”

LiveScience reported that for years evolutionary psychologists have been saying that men want young pretty women for their mates and women want older men with money. This party line was recently underscored when scientists from the University of Gothenburg and the University of Oxford analyzed 400 personal ads in newspapers and Web sites and found that, indeed, men want attractive young women and women want older men with resources. The new study backs findings discovered in 1985, when psychologist David Buss of the University of Texas published an article based on interviews with more than 10,000 people from 37 cultures.

Babes, money or both?

Babes, money or both?

Subjects in Buss’ study were given a list of 18 possible characteristics of a mate and asked to rate those characteristics. Almost universally, both sexes put love, dependable character, emotional stability, and pleasing disposition first, and it wasn’t until character number 5 that men and women differed. Men said looks were more important than women did, and status and money were more important to women. However, no matter what people might say to researchers, the truth is everyone ends up mating with people who are interested in them, people we run into, people who happen to look our way. And our “choices,” more often than not, are irrelevant.

MSNBC reported that men may take bigger risks because they think it will help them win women. Evolutionary psychologists have long believed that women are choosier about men than men are about women. Social psychologists at Florida State University set out to test that idea.  FSU researchers asked 134 undergraduate male and female psychology students to participate in an experiment involving pictures of the opposite sex and risk-taking in playing blackjack. They wanted to see whether men would take more risks if they were “in the mood” and if the men thought there were beautiful women around for them to woo.

081226_catherina_zeta_jonesWhat the social psychologists found was that men were much more likely to take risks playing blackjack if they were sexually motivated and had seen images of beautiful women before they played. The guys were also more likely to take risks if they saw attractive female faces and remembered them afterwards — even if they weren’t looking for a new partner — perhaps because the faces made more of an impression on them and ramped up their sexual desire. The behavior of the female students, however, wasn’t affected by what they felt, saw, or remembered. Interestingly, the study found that guys who saw attractive faces but weren’t sexually motivated did not take more risks than guys who saw unattractive faces. Study co-author Michael Baker, a doctoral student in social psychology at Florida State, speculates that guys only take risks if they stand to benefit from them, because risk-taking does come with a cost — after all, a bad skydiving or rock climbing experience could keep a guy from reproducing ever again.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

In other news, CNN reported this week that before he accepted Barack Obama’s offer to join his presidential ticket as vice president, Joe Biden got a promise from Obama: that he would be there for “every critical decision,” Biden said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” No word on whether Obama had looked at attractive pictures of other possible candidates before choosing Biden, but when asked whether Biden had actually really received the promise he claimed, president-elect Obama said: “that’s not the kind of promise the Obama I know then would have made. Joe must have still been thinking about his debate with Sarah Palin.  I know he forgot his own name and drooled continuously for two days afterward.”

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