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You’re feeling very wealthy …

Selena Valentine

Selena Valentine

Hypnotist’s sweet spell of success


By Amber Sutherland
New York Post
January 8, 2009

When hypnotist Selena Valentine snaps her fingers, the economy will still be in the toilet, but that hasn’t stopped dozens of New Yorkers from paying her hundreds of dollars for a trance to strike it rich.

“I told people what I was doing tonight and they think I’m crazy,” said one businessman attending Valentine’s “Millionaire Mindset” meeting Tuesday night in Midtown.

“But I want to convince my clients that they are still millionaires,” he said.

After playing Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” on her iPod, Valentine told the professionals who paid the $20 admission to relax their way to riches.

“Go on a journey to your inner self, your inner being,” the busty Valentine said, circling the room in her Louboutin pumps.

“Just allow your inner you to relax. Allow your whole body to relax.”

Financial adviser Amal Gawle, 30, said the meeting interested him because he’s trying to start off the new year with a professional edge.

“My job is performance related, and 2008 was a terrible year in the financial markets,” he said. “I’m trying to stay ahead of the game in 2009 so that I can outperform those around me.”

To better look the part of a millionaire, Gawle said he was wearing his “Donald Trump” suit. Hypnosis was not an act of desperation, he insisted.

“I don’t think you can call anything a last-ditch effort, or else you go on to feeling like that’s it and there’s nothing else left,” he said.

“I try to be positive even when things are bad because you know it’s only temporary.”

With the financial climate as depressing as it is, Gawle said he wanted something different from the networking meetings he normally sees advertised, and was intrigued by illuminating the inner workings of the millionaire mind.

“I deal with many millionaires through work,” he said. “It’s my goal to get there myself.”

Valentine, the author of “How to Date an Exotic Dancer” and a former anchor on the Web-based Naked News, said she was inspired to become a certified hypnotist after the therapy helped her through her own personal struggles.

“My first hypnosis was instant and it changed my outlook on life,” she said. “My life went from a dark period to a positive period.”

She sees an average of three clients a day, each paying $100 for their hourlong sessions.

“I get mostly business professionals,” she said. “They come in wanting to reach their financial goals, but once they see how wonderful hypnosis is, they want help with other things, like smoking.”


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Sex and the female brain

Semen has mind control properties

By Jena Pincott
Jena Pincott’s blog
January 8th, 2009

What's in his hand again?

What's in his hand again?

The more a woman has sex with her partner, the more committed she becomes, and the less attracted she is to other men — at least in the short-term. I blogged about this study several weeks ago and offered explanations both hormonal and psychological. But another theory came to my attention today in the form of a study on fruit flies.

For decades, scientists have known that female Drosophila often refuse sex after they come into contact with seminal fluid. This may give a reproductive edge to the first male with whom she has sex. A study led by Geoffrey Findlay at the University of Washington has finally shed some light on the phenomenon. There are proteins in seminal fluid, many of which transfer to the female’s system after sex. Some of these proteins are apparent warriors — they fight the sperm of rival males. Other proteins are like hypnotists — by affecting the female’s hormones, they dampen her interest in sex with other males. Somewhat disturbingly, the more semen a female is exposed to, the more influence the male has over her reproductive tract and her mating behavior. Semen, it seems, has mind-control properties.

So what does this mean for humans? The same study hasn’t been done on men and women, but researchers speculate that many of the same proteins are in the semen of human males. “Does semen make you happier?” is one of the questions posed in BLONDES. In answering it, I describe a fascinating study at SUNY Albany that found that, yes, women who are regularly exposed to their partner’s semen are less depressed than women who use condoms most of the time. Hormones and proteins are absorbed through the vagina, enter the bloodstream, and possibly breach the blood-brain barrier. Might these hormones and proteins men’s semen manipulate women’s minds in the way that fruit fly spunk affects female fruit flies? Perhaps, but it is hard to prove. Women’s love lives (and psyches) are a little more complicated than those of Drosophila. After all, a woman in love with the man she sleeps with would be happier and more faithful anyway. It’s a puzzle for all scientists who study human sexuality: Where to draw the line between chemical love and Eros? The seminal and the sacred?


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