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Home Grown US Terrorism, Breastfeeding Boosts GPA, and Most American’s are Conservatives

> American-born Islamic murderer spikes fear of more
> Breastfeeding leads to higher grade point average and college attendance
> Gallup poll: 40% of Americans are conservative, 35% moderate, 21% liberal

Inebriated Press
June 17, 2009

Harvesting higher IQ's and better GPA's

Harvesting higher IQ's and better GPA's

Associated Press reported Monday that an American-born Tennessee youth who became an Islamic extremist and then murdered U.S. Army recruiter Pvt. William Andrew Long on June 1 while he stood outside his Arkansas office smoking a cigarette, is sparking fears that there may be more.  And United Press International reported Monday that a new study shows that breastfeeding is associated with an increase in high school grade point average, and an increase in odds of attending college.  Meanwhile, Gallup reported on Monday that 40% of Americans interviewed in a new poll say their political views are conservative, while 35% consider themselves moderate, and 21% are liberal.  Pundits are debating how to get more people to breastfeed so their IQ’s are higher and they vote using common sense, so the U.S. will return to a free market economy, support individual and states’ rights, and fight terrorism in a practical waterboarding-if-necessary way in America and abroad.

Some guy named Zachary

Some guy named Zachary

“I think that with all the other crap the Democrats are sticking into their multi-trillion-dollar spending bills that we should be able to slip a breastfeeding provision into the healthcare bill.  If it’s found-out and fought by liberals, we may be able to get Bill Clinton to support it and offset them; I know he’s into breasts and stuff.  And once American’s are breastfeeding during office breaks and so-on, we’ll drive up the nations IQ average to a level where we’ll start behaving like traditional common-sense America again,” said Zachary Taylor-Maid, a golf shop pro and breast milk aficionado.  “I mean there’s serious shit to do, and we have to do it fast.  Obama is bankrupting the country and setting the stage for hyper inflation.  China, Russia and India are bailing U.S. Treasury’s and with U.S. printing presses hemorrhaging thousand dollar bills our currency will become worthless.  Meanwhile, he’s giving Miranda rights to terrorists in Afghanistan and taking away individual freedoms from Americans — all the way down to our friggin pocket knives.  Traditional America is on the ropes here.  The recent Republican Congress screwed up, but Obama and the Democrat Congress have us on a course to become a third world economy run by a Latin American styled dictatorship.  I’m worried whether there’s enough breast milk in America to turn this thing around as fast as we need to.”

Someone named Amy

Someone named Amy

“Not everyone thinks like Taylor-Maid.  “I’d be willing to chip-in a little breast milk if I was lactating, if I actually thought that creating a human breast milk product for American’s would be good for the country.  But let’s face it, this is crazy talk.  If you think that breast milk is better for you than Jack Daniels then you’ll probably also believe that Barack Obama doesn’t understand basic economics, rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.  We all know deep down that Barry is like a god and is doing an ingenious job of saving our country,” said Amy Clambake-Hymlick, an alfalfa sprout inspector and part-time nudist.  “The crazy right needs to chill out and realize that there are going to be an occasional US-born Islamic killer who shoots people because he disagrees with them. We’re all part of the whole world now, and there’ll probably be some Islamic extremist beheadings of Christians in the U.S. and there’ll probably be a few complaints when Barack creates his internal army and takes Americans guns and pocketknives away.  But it’s all part of the hope and change plan.  It’s nothing to worry about; Barry is simply integrating America into the world and making it more like a combination of the Middle East, Western Europe and Latin America.  Old style Constitutional law, individual freedom and free market economics don’t fit his vision.  It’s time we relax and get used to it.”

Arkansas JihadAssociated Press reported that Carlos Bledsoe’s transformation from Tennessee youth to an American-born Islamic extremist charged in a bloody rampage outside an Arkansas military recruiting station may signal an ominous new wave of violent homegrown jihadists, counterterror officials say. National security officials have long feared the emergence of a new breed of American militants who would raise little suspicion as they move in and out of the country carrying out the aims of terrorist groups like al-Qaida. Abdulhakim Muhammad, who grew up in Memphis, Tenn., converted to the Islamic faith, changed his name from Bledsoe, and traveled to Yemen in 2007. He was later arrested for overstaying his visa and deported back to the U.S. Muhammad was charged with killing Pvt. William Andrew Long, 23, of Conway, Ark., who had just completed basic training and was volunteering at the west Little Rock recruiting office before starting an assignment in South Korea. He was shot dead on June 1 while smoking a cigarette outside the building. An FBI-Homeland Security intelligence assessment document suggested Muhammad may have considered targeting other locations, including Jewish and Christian sites in several eastern U.S. cities.

Pvt. William Andrew Long

Pvt. William Andrew Long

Muhammad, 23, told The Associated Press in a jail cell interview last week that the shootings were an “act for the sake of God, for the sake of Allah, the Lord of all the world, and also a retaliation on U.S. military.” Earlier this year four Muslim ex-convicts were arrested in New York for allegedly plotting to bomb synagogues and shoot down military planes. While federal authorities foiled the plan, the incident inflamed concerns about the spread of Islamic extremism in prisons. Counterterrorism officials warn that unless individuals attract attention either through criminal behavior or even threat-laced Internet postings, U.S.-born radicals — particularly those operating alone — could go unseen until they take action. “One of the scariest things is that we don’t have a profile for how someone becomes radicalized,” said counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt. “It’s different for everybody.”

This is raising his IQ, right?

This is raising his IQ, right?

United Press International reported that breastfeeding was associated with an increase in high school grade point average and an increase in the odds of attending college, U.S. researchers said. The study, published in the Journal of Human Capital, looked at the academic achievement of siblings — one of whom was breast fed as an infant and one of whom was not — found that an additional month of breastfeeding was associated with an increase in high school GPA of 0.019 points and an increase in the probability of college attendance of 0.014. “The results of our study suggest that the cognitive and health benefits of breast feeding may lead to important long-run educational benefits for children,” Sabia said in a statement.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Gallup.com reported that thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This represents a slight increase for conservatism in the U.S. since 2008, returning it to a level last seen in 2004. The 21% calling themselves liberal is in line with findings throughout this decade, but is up from the 1990s. These annual figures are based on multiple national Gallup surveys conducted each year, in some cases encompassing more than 40,000 interviews. The 2009 data are based on 10 separate surveys conducted from January through May. Thus, the margins of error around each year’s figures are quite small, and changes of only two percentage points are statistically significant. Thus far in 2009, Gallup has found an average of 36% of Americans considering themselves Democratic, 28% Republican, and 37% independent. When independents are pressed to say which party they lean toward, 51% identify as Democrats, 39% as Republicans, and only 9% as pure independents.

Living on the edge

Living on the edge

In other news, Forbes reported on Saturday that driving is the greatest threat to a woman’s health. If you’re like most women, you probably think breast cancer or maybe heart disease is the greatest risk to your health. Guess again. The real culprit is getting behind the wheel. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death in women under the age of 35, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and are also a major cause of traumatic brain injury and fatality in women of all ages. But before you throw in your keys for good, a wealth of new research shows that auto accidents are highly preventable. The single best way to stay safe can be summed up like so: “Avoid getting distracted while operating your vehicle.” 

Ben & Jerry'sNo word on whether consuming breast milk or driving during lactation has any impact, but American’s were certainly distracted during the recent elections and the country has crashed into a ditch and our leadership has accelerated us toward a massive cliff.  Here’s hoping we come to our senses with or without pausing for afternoon breast milk breaks.  Mmmm IQ-building GPA-enhancing sweet-breast-milk breaks … who cares what Obama is doing!     Sorry about that, I think Obama & Company may be driving me mad.

(C) 2009 InebriatedPress.com

Source articles:

Recruiter shootings spark homegrown terror fears

Breastfeeding may boost grades

“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

Driving is the real threat to a woman’s health

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Is justice blind, or just stupid?


> Lawyers fall behind in IQ study
Study: Lawyers have become less intelligent compared to the average person …
> Sex charge teacher walks free from court
Judge: “I find it impossible to decide if he has been harmed by what you did …”

Lawyers fall behind in IQ study

Kit Chellel

Lawyers have become less intelligent compared to the average person over the last decade, research from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) has revealed.

The study compared IQ scores for lawyers born in 1958 to those born in 1970 – who are currently climbing the ranks of law firms and barristers’ chambers.

Lawyers in the earlier group scored 11 per cent better than the average, but the 1970 group were just 8 per cent more intelligent.

This was a greater fall than the majority of other professions where the gap narrowed by around 1 percentage point.

Despite the shrinking ability gap, lawyers are now more likely to have come from a wealthier background than those born in the fifties, with the family income for the parents of lawyers increasing much faster than the average (TheLawyer.com 2 Feb 2009).

Lindsey Macmillan, a researcher at the Bristol University-based CMPO, said:  “Despite the fact that lawyers are looking a lot less like the average person in terms of their family income, they are looking more like the average person in terms of ability.”

The gap in IQ performance compared to the average fell for most other vocations, as well as the law. Doctors, teachers, bankers and stock brokers
all moved closer to average intelligence between the two studies.

Artists, engineers, scientist and journalists have all become more intelligent when compared to average IQ scores, the research found.


Source: Social mobility and the Professions, Lindsey Macmillan, CMPO, University of Bristol


Sex charge teacher walks free from court

The Oxford Times – UK
6:34pm Friday 27th February 2009

Controversial judge Julian Hall today let a teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old boy walk free after saying he wasn’t sure she harmed him.

Catherine Armstrong, 33, had promised the boy a “birthday bonk” for his 16th and had sex with him several times while he was still 15.

Catherine Armstrong

Catherine Armstrong

She initially denied the charges but then admitted two counts of sexual activity with a child and one of touching him while in a position of trust.

The teenager — who cannot be identified but has learning difficulties — asked Judge Hall at the trial to be “nice to her” when he sentenced her.

He said it took him “a stupidly long time to realise that what we were doing was wrong”.

Mother-of-two Armstrong, of Hunt Road, Thame, wrote emails to her young lover after the relationship broke down, in which she declared her love.

Yesterday Judge Hall — criticised in the past for his sentencings of paedophiles — gave Armstrong a 12-month prison sentence but suspended it for two years after calling the case unique. He said: “I find it impossible to decide if he has been harmed by what you did but you shouldn’t have done it.”

She will sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.


In other news, the Obama Administration may invite Iran to a high level meeting on how to fight Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan, and is offering to throw our European allies under the bus by dropping the missile defense system President Bush promised them, in exchange for Russia agreeing to help manage Iran.  It appears that IQ’s of polticians is falling even faster than lawyers and judges.

> US May Invite Iran to High-Level Meeting on Afghanistan
> U.S. Offers To Abandon Missile-Defense Plans

US May Invite Iran to High-Level Meeting on Afghanistan

Mar 5, 2009 23:07

BRUSSELS — In its first overture to Iran, the Obama administration is pushing to convene a high-level meeting on Afghanistan this month that would include an invitation to Teheran, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday.

The administration has been searching for ways to engage Iran, even as it confronts Teheran over its links to terrorism and pursuit of a nuclear program. Throughout her tour of the Middle East and Europe this week, Clinton has mixed tough talk about Iranian behavior with a hope that areas of cooperation can be found. She frequently cited Afghanistan as an example.

Clinton announced the plan for the meeting during a gathering of NATO foreign ministers here, telling reporters it would be “a big-tent meeting with all the parties who have a stake and an interest in Afghanistan.”


U.S. Offers To Abandon Missile-Defense Plans

By Brian Whitmore
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

U.S. President Barack Obama has written a letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggesting that a missile-defense system Washington is planning to build in Europe will become unnecessary if Moscow helps curb Iran’s nuclear program.

Senior U.S. administration officials said the letter was hand-delivered to the Kremlin leader three weeks ago. It was first made public in a report in the Russian daily “Kommersant” on March 2.

“What I said in the letter was that obviously to the extent that we are lessening Iran’s commitment to nuclear weapons, then that reduces the pressure for or the need for a missile-defense system,” Obama said at a news conference in Washington with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on March 3.

Obama added that the letter did not offer “some sort of quid pro quo” but was “was simply a statement of fact that I’ve made previously.”

News that a possible deal involving missile defense and Iran — two of the main irritants in Russian-American relations during the administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush — came just days before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for talks in Geneva.

Speaking at a news conference in Jerusalem with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on March 3, Clinton said she would have a “broad agenda to discuss” in her March 6 meeting with Lavrov, and that Iran and missile defense were both high priorities.

“We intend to do all that we can to deter and prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons,” Clinton said. “That is our stated policy; that is the goal of any tactic that we employ.”

Clinton did not provide any information or details about a deal being in the works.

Speaking at a press conference the same day in Madrid with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Russian President Medvedev said he hoped the “positive signals that we have received from Washington will be embodied in agreements.”

Medvedev added that Russia is working closely with the United States on the Iranian nuclear issue, but he denied that a tit-for-tat deal trading in missile defense for cooperation on Iran was in the works.

“Nobody is setting conditions for any trade-offs, especially on the Iranian issue,” Medvedev said. “We are already working in close contact with our American colleagues on the Iranian nuclear issue.”

‘No Quid Pro Quo’

A senior U.S. administration official confirmed to RFE/RL on March 2 that “a letter from President Obama was sent to President Medvedev.” The official would not comment on the letter’s specific contents, but said that Washington would welcome Moscow’s help in curbing the Iranian nuclear program.

“One way to reduce the level of the [Iranian nuclear] threat is through a strategic dialogue with Russia,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official added that the United States was prepared to consult with Russia about “alternative missile-defense configurations.”

“The New York Times,” also citing senior U.S. administration officials, reported that the letter was not an offer of a direct quid pro quo but rather an attempt to provide Moscow with an incentive to work together with Washington in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue.

The latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says Iran now possesses 1,010 kilograms of low-enriched uranium. The report raised concerns that Iran now has enough uranium, and the means to enrich it further, to produce nuclear fuel and the fissile core for nuclear warheads.

Washington has long sought Moscow’s help in curbing Iran’s nuclear program, which it alleges is aimed at obtaining nuclear weapons. Tehran has consistently rejected the charge.

Russia is a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council and its vote there is essential in imposing tough sanctions against Tehran. Russia also has extensive commercial contacts with Iran, particularly in the nuclear sector, that can be used as leverage if Moscow so chooses.

The United States has long been critical of Russia for helping Iran build the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southwestern Iran, arguing that it could be used as a cover for a weapons program.

Devil In The Details

Analysts say such commercial contacts could make Moscow reluctant to lean on Iran.

Yevgeny Volk, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Moscow office, said the “devil will be in the details” of any agreement that could limit Russia’s nuclear cooperation with Iran.

“Nuclear cooperation with Iran is very profitable for Russia both politically and economically,” Volk said. “Russian participation in Iran’s nuclear program provides a livelihood for many people in the Russian nuclear industry who are concerned about the crisis. And politically, Russia is interested in political cooperation with Iran in order to limit American influence in Central Asia.”

The U.S. plan to install a radar facility in the Czech Republic and deploy 10 interceptor missiles in Poland was a signature project of the administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush, who argued it was necessary to counter a growing Iranian nuclear threat.

Moscow staunchly opposed a deployment so close to its borders, arguing that it constituted a threat to Moscow’s security.

Obama has repeatedly said he plans to continue the missile defense project, provided that it is proven to actually work and is cost-effective. A senior administration official told RFE/RL that the plans could be altered “depending on the nature of the threat.”

Analysts said this left the administration sufficient flexibility to cut a deal with Russia when such an agreement would be advantageous to U.S. interests.




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